Speedway Owner Fundraises Easter Dinner for Employees

Sterling Heights, MI (Sunday, April 12, 2020) - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the nation in a number of different ways, one consistent thing remains - hard working employees are being laid off, and are struggling to survive on little to no income. With another holiday upon us, many found themselves wondering how they’ll put a traditional Easter meal on the table for their family. One Michigan businessman is trying to help his employees with the help of his business supporters.

Mike Blackmer is perhaps best known for his ownership of Lake City, Michigan’s Merritt Speedway, and Auburn, Michigan’s Tri-City Motor Speedway. Blackmer is also a multi-establishment owner in the Cadillac area including The Pines Sports Bar & Bowling Center, Lake Cadillac Resort, and Lake Cadillac Party Store. Given his many business ventures, Blackmer finds himself with a number of struggling furlough and laid off employees due to the global pandemic and he believes something must be done.

The idea was simple; raise money for his employees to help them put Easter dinner on the table. The origination for the campaign came from a social media challenge that included either getting a complete make-over including make-up and a new hairdo, or donating to a charitable cause. Blackmer decided to take it a step further, and host his own fundraising event on his business social media pages.

“Realistically, my goal was to raise $5,000,” Blackmer told Horsepower Happenings, Zach Hiser. “[That’s what] the racing community is all about. They do help!”

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As of Saturday morning, the racing and Lake Cadillac communities raised over $8,000, well surpassing the goal of the fundraiser. According to Blackmer, the final total is likely to be much higher.

“I’m still getting donations,” said Blackmer. “I received another $150 donation this morning, and there are still checks in the mail,” he said.

Just how far does over $8,000 go? Blackmer said it went above and beyond the goal of putting dinner on the table.

“We were able to put dinner on their table, and a little cash in their pockets. When it was all done, we helped over 40 people for Easter,” Blackmer concluded.

For fans who would like to continue to support Blackmer’s efforts, they can donate by using the money sharing app, Venmo @ Michael Blackmer. They can also use USPS by sending a check to P.O Box 329, Cadillac, MI 49601.

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