Scott James and Will Krup Victorious from Brownstown Speedway

Updated: May 21, 2019

Brownstown, IN (Sunday, May 19, 2019) - For the second time in 2019, the American Ethanol Late Model Tour (AELMT) and the American Ethanol Modified Tour Presented by Allstar Performance (AEmods) were found in the same location, on the same night, to do battle. Two full fields were on hand from Brownstown Speedway Saturday night, with 24 UMP Modifieds, and nearly 30 UMP Late Models on hand.

The night started with American Ethanol Qualifying for the AELMT, as drivers battled for a chance to be the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier. Group one was lead by Chad Stapleton, who turned in a 13.735 second lap time over Bobby Pierce and Devin Gilpin. In group two, Mike Marlar set the time to beat with a 13.927 ahead of Kent Robinson and Eric Spangler. The final group saw Scott James edge out Brandon Thirlby with a 14.264. Stapleton would be named the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier.

It was the same script for the AEmods, as group one was lead by Logan Kirkman with a 15.952 over Collin Thirlby and Levi Godsey. Devin Gilpin lead the charge for group two, turning in a 15.989 over Luke Hubbell and Chad Bauer. Finally, in group three, Ryan Thomas took the point with a 16.164 over Will Krup and Bill Lewis. Kirkman with just enough to become the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier.

On to heat race action for the AELMT, with Allstar Performance Heat Race Number One. Pierce, Gilpin and Stapleton pulled out and gapped the field as they tried to determine who would win the first heat of the night. Gilpin would hold off Pierce for the win, Stapleton finished third for a redraw spot, and Logan Arntz raced from the back to a final transfer spot. In American Ethanol Heat Race Number Two Marlar bested Robinson and Billy Moyer, with Spangler taking the final transfer spot. CHS Heat Race Number Three went to James, over Rich Bell and Duane Chamberlain.

For the AEmods, Lane Automotive Heat Race Number One saw Collin Thirlby pick up the win over John McClure and Tim Rivers. In Heat Race Number Two, the swap seat driver Devin Gilpin picked up the heat race win over Blake Davis and Chad Bauer. Finally, in DUPONT Heat Race Number Three, Will Krup held off Ryan Thomas and Brayden Watson.

The AELMT required a Last Chance Qualifier to complete the field for the night, and among those racing for a spot, were current points leader Brandon Thirlby and Championship contender Travis Stemler! Jared Bailey picked up the win, with Brandon Thirlby second, Dave Baker third, and Stemler and Shelby Miles took the final two transfer spots.

After a short break, it was time for the EZ Lift 40 for the AELMT. Rich Bell and Devin Gilpin lead the field to the American Ethanol Green Flag. Gilpin jumped out to the early lead as Bell fell quickly. Bobby Pierce quickly moved into second spot bringing Mike Marlar with him. Just eight laps in, the first caution of the night flew as Steve Godsey lost the race track going into turn three and spun to the top side. On the restart, the front of the field went off - Marlar got around Pierce as he dropped a wheel off the top of turns one and two and fell back to fifth. Going into turns three and four, Marlar challenged Gilpin for the top spot. Drivers remained two-by-two through the top ten positions for a number of laps, with some three wide battles into the corners. Scott James, who started ninth, made a bold move going into turn one, muscling his way to the inside of Pierce and Kent Robinson to move into the fourth spot. At the half-way point, Gilpin still worked to hold off Marlar as they worked into lap traffic. Just three laps later Marlar took the top spot, but not for long as Marlar, Gilpin, and James went three-wide into turns one and two. Marlar managed to drive back to the lead as James took second from Gilpin. James continued to size up Marlar, with just 15 laps to go, Marlar looked to go on the high side around a back marker, as he did, James took them three wide again going into turn one, completing the pass for the lead down the backstretch, and held on for the $4,000 pay day. Marlar came home second, with Gilpin holding off Robinson and Pierce in the top five.

For the AEmods, a number of single car spins and minor incidents slowed the event, with the first eight laps seeing multiple cautions. Ryan Thomas and Will Krup lead the field to green, with Thomas jumping out to the early lead, however, Krup wouldn’t be denied long, as he powered by Thomas just four laps into the race. Krup lead for the next several laps, before Devin Gilpin powered around the outside to take the lead with seven to go. Krup, though, showed his determination to get the win, and had some help with lapped traffic along the way. With five laps to go, Gilpin nearly ran off the raceway trying to go around a back marker, that allowed Krup to set up and retake the lead with just four laps to go. Krup would manage to hold on for his first ever AEmods feature win. Gilpin came home second, with Chad Bauer competing the podium.

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Unofficial Results:

EZ Lift 40:

1. 83 Scott James

2. 157 Mike Marlar

3. 1G Devin Gilpin

4. 7R Kent Robinson

5. 32P Bobby Pierce

6. 21 Billy Moyer

7. 2H Nick Hoffman

8. 20C Duane Chamberlain

9. 2 Travis Stemler

10. 27 Eric Spangler

11. 1 Cody Mahoney

12. 76 Shelby Miles

13. 21A Logan Arntz

14. M14 Brandon Thirlby

15. 10 Brett Miller

16. 22 Austin Burns

17. 15 Dave Baker

18. 5L Wes Leigh

19. 24 Jared Bailey

20. 32 Chad Stapletoin

21. 21B Rich Bell

22. 14 Steve Godsey

Allstar Performance Heat Race 1:

1. 1G Devin Gilpin

2. 32P Bobby Pierce

3. 32 Chad Stapletoin

4. 21A Logan Arntz

5. 22 Austin Burns

6. 24 Jared Bailey

7. 5L Wes Leigh

8. 17 Lee Williams

9. H9 Karlie Holt

10. #19 Scott Young

American Ethanol Heat Race 2:

1. 157 Mike Marlar

2. 7R Kent Robinson

3. 21 Billy Moyer

4. 27 Eric Spangler

5. 14 Steve Godsey

6. 76 Shelby Miles

7. 15 Dave Baker

8. 1CJ Brett Davis

9. 98 Dusty Chapman

CHS Heat Race 3:

1. 83 Scott James

2. 21B Rich Bell

3. 20C Duane Chamberlain

4. 1 Cody Mahoney

5. 2H Nick Hoffman

6. M14 Brandon Thirlby

7. 2 Travis Stemler

8. 10 Brett Miller

9. 80 Brad Barrow

Knight Drainage and Excavating 30:

1. K19 Will Krup

2. 1G Devin Gilpin

3. 19 Chad Bauer

4. 12M John McClure

5. 47 Collin Thirlby

6. 46 Tim Rivers

7. G14 Levi Ray Goodsey

8. 1K Logan Kirkman

9. 93W Brayden Watson

10. 23 Luke Hubbell

11. 47X Blake Davis

12. 118L Bill Lewis

13. 55W Lucas Wehmiller

14. 1W Bob Pohlman

15. 9 Garrett Rons

16. 50 Logan Moune

17. 22X Dennis Boknechs

18. J1 Roger Jackson

19. 48 Jug Wethington

20. 09 Chad Combs

21. 418 Michael Wesselman

22. 44 Andy Sherley

23. 11J Jarod Fleetwood

24. T9 Ryan Thomas

Lane Automotive Heat Race 1:

1. 47 Collin Thirlby

2. 12M John McClure

3. 46 Tim Rivers

4. G14 Levi Ray Goodsey

5. 50 Logan Moune

6. 1K Logan Kirkman

7. 1W Bob Pohlman

8. 418 Michael Wesselman

9. 55W Lucas Wehmiller

Heat Race 2:

1. 1G Devin Gilpin

2. 47X Blake Davis

3. 19 Chad Bauer

4. 23 Luke Hubbell

5. 22X Dennis Boknechs

6. 9 Garrett Rons

7. 11J Jarod Fleetwood

8. J1 Roger Jackson

DUPONT Heat Race 3:

1. K19 Will Krup

2. T9 Ryan Thomas

3. 93W Brayden Watson

4. 118L Bill Lewis

5. 09 Chad Combs

6. 48 Jug Wethington

7. 22 Will Bennett


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