Nasse vs Pollard: Nasse's Side of the Story

Sterling Heights, MI (Thursday, January 30, 2020) - With just under 20 laps to go in Saturday’s SpeedFest 2020 from Crisp Motorsports Park in Cordele, GA, a string of late race cautions set the stage for the rest of the race - and perhaps the rest of the season. Pinellas Park, FL native, Stephen Nasse was locked in a close battle with Senoia, Georgia’s Bubba Pollard in the closing laps of the $10,000 to win main event, and things got heated in a hurry. The event ended with both drivers behind the wall early, and tempers boiled over before the checkered flag flew. On Monday, Nasse shared his post race thoughts with Horsepower Happenings.

Things began to get heated with a late race restart in which Nasse restarted on the outside, and Pollard on the bottom. The pair began making contact on corner entry, when Pollard and Nasse disagreed on corner entry location. After a couple of door dings on corner entry, the pair then began making contact down the back straightaway, at one point it appeared as though Pollard pushed Nasse off the backstretch. At one point, coming back around to turn number one, Pollard and Nasse made more contact, this time, the incident shot Nasse up to the outside of turn number two, and Pollard drove on to the lead.

Back into turn number three, Nasse drove the car in deep, and told Horsepower Happenings, he had intentions of hitting Pollard, but not the end result. “To be honest with y’all, I went in there and I hit him the way I did, so that he would get free, just the way I did,” Nasse says. “I saved, a few times that night, from being completely sideways. In that video, he spins out so slow, to me it looks like on purpose - I mean I think I would have saved it if I was him,” explained Nasse.

Following the incident in which Pollard spun, both drivers were sent to the tail of the field. Coming off the second corner, Pollard got under Nasse and spun him toward the inside wall down the backstretch. Following that incident, both drivers returned to the pits, where yelling, name calling, and some sign-language was used. In the end, Nasse made it very clear where he stands with Bubba Pollard.

“Call it what you want, hard racing whatever,” said Nasse. “...but everytime [Pollard] gets raced hard, he’s mad about it. I just know this, if the guy so much as breathes on my race car, I will wreck him - and that’s just a fact,” remarked Nasse.

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Nasse wrapped up his interview by remarking on the success that he and Pollard are sharing right now in Template Late Models. While Nasse respects the accomplishments of the nearly 33 year old Pollard, Nasse, 25, says that he plans to have a much better record than Pollard in the coming years.

“By the time I’m his age, I’ll have more than 100 wins, and I promise you that. I’m on a roll right now, and I know we’re going to get nothing but better,” finished Nasse.

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Story by: Zach Hiser, Motor City Racing Promotions

Photos: Zach Hiser, Motor City Racing Promotions


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