Michigan Speedways Considering Options Amid Pandemic

Merritt & Tri-City Speedways Cancel May Races

Sterling Heights, MI (Friday, April 24, 2020) - On Friday, Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer extended the Stay at Home order until at least May 15th. The Governors’ new executive order has forced the hands of area Michigan race tracks, including Lake City, Michigan’s Merritt Speedway and Auburn, Michigan’s Tri-City Motor Speedway. Shortly after Governor Whitmer’s press conference, Merritt and Tri-City Promoter, Michael Blackmer hosted a press conference of his own to update his fans, drivers and staff.

In the live update, Blackmer quickly announced that all events through May are now cancelled at Merritt and Tri-City Speedways. As the announcement progressed, Blackmer offered his opinion that racing will return to the state in 2020, but with some potential changes, including racing without fans. Blackmer says that he and other track promoters in the state are going to be faced with tough decisions over the next several weeks.

“To open a race track, is not cheap,” Blackmer remarked. “So we [have] to be careful with what we do… I really believe if we do race this year, it’s going to be without any fans,” said Blackmer.

Throughout his video, Blackmer said that he is working out some plans that involve hosting races and making them available through pay-per-view services. But, Blackmer made it clear he didn’t wish to make these decisions alone, calling on support from his drivers during a scheduled Zoom meeting.

“We’re going to do a Zoom meeting, a week from Saturday around 11 o’clock,” Blackmer announced. “What we’re going to do is talk about the future. I think we might be able to get where we can race… if the racers want to do it,” offered the seasoned promoter.

Blackmer joined other facilities across the region who have been forced to cancel or postpone a large amount of their 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Blackmer says that by the time the Saturday Zoom Meeting takes place, he hopes to have a better understanding of the Governors long term plan, and what that means for Merritt and Tri-City.

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