Lane Automotive Safety Summit a Success

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 (Rochester Hills, MI) - The Second Annual Lane Automotive Safety Summit was held last Saturday, February 23rd at Lane Automotive in Watervliet, Michigan. Lane Automotive chalked the event up to be an “incredible success”, in a statement releases on social media Monday morning.

“On behalf of Lane Automotive, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for an incredibly successful safety summit this past Saturday. Our thanks go out to the many participating manufacturers, presenters, and promoters for sharing their knowledge and experience, to Kalamazoo Track Services and Motor City Racing Promotions for their impressive and informative displays, and to the countless volunteers who helped make this program a success. And we would like to extend a special thank you to the hundreds of attendees who came out Saturday to learn how they can help maximize safety for themselves and others when racing.” - Lane Automotive Spokesman

Attendance was substantially higher this year from a solid crowd at the inaugural Summit a year ago. Guests enjoyed the latest safety features in race cars and track service vehicles on display, including Motor City Racing Promotions’ (MCRP) Safety 1 and Chase vehicles, along with Kalamazoo Track Service’s (KTS) primary Safety Truck. The KTS Team also had their rollover simulator on hand for participants to see how quickly and safely they could exit the upside-down cockpit, against the clock.

Several Keynote speakers were brought in to present during the summit open to the public. Speakers included - Ben O’Conner from Impact Racing, JR Twedt from K1 RaceGear, Jeremy Curtis from Pyrotect Safety Gear, Dean Huizenga, Steve Sinclair and among others.

Many vendors were on location within the show room at Lane Automotive throughout the Summit. Lane Automotive was collecting outdated racing harnesses in return for store credit. Those outdated belts are now off the black market and are being used across the region for educational purposes, by the Kalamazoo Track Services training program. Chief Director of Safety for KTS, Jake Steele explained in a short Facebook Live video, Monday afternoon.

The Safety Summit began with a private, closed door, round table seminar regarding Motorsports safety. Lane Automotive assembled a panel of industry professionals to lead the discussion – Motor City Racing Promotions President, Scott Menlen, Kalamazoo Track Services Chief Director of Safety, Jake Steele and Champion Racing Association Chief Technical Inspector, Eddy Chew. These three gentlemen opened a discussion that brought to light various topics from safety team operations, track operator protocols, inspection processes, new products and risks associated with them and how to better educate new racers in the sport. The seminar was attended by many racetrack and series from the around Midwest and included many disciplines - Pavement, Dirt, Road Course and Dragways.

Motor City Racing Promotions President, Scott Menlen offered this statement following the Summit.

“It was a privilege to be apart of the Second Annual Lane Automotive Safety Summit. The morning round table was incredibly productive. I don’t think anyone of us in that room, didn’t leave with greater awareness and new ideas.” Menlen went on to say, “We’re proud MCRP is among organizations like Lane and KTS, taking an active roll in driving safety forward in our region.”

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By: Motor City Racing Promotions Media

Photos: Jim Denhamer


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