Hubbco to Donate Percentage of Sales to Food Bank

Updated: May 22

Sterling Heights, MI (Friday, April 17, 2020) - Throughout the course of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, more than enough stories have surfaced about the hard times and stressful circumstances many in this world are facing. Hastings, Michigan native and local DIRTcar UMP modified driver, Luke Hubbell, is working to spread good news, while helping a local Food Bank in the process.

An engineering student at Ferris State University, Hubbell launched his company Hubbco in November of 2019 with the mission of providing affordable racing technology. His first product became an instant success when he began selling hydraulic pit lifts directly from his home. Hubbell says that idea was sparked simply off the idea of helping other racers.

“I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money for a pit lift,” Hubble told Horsepower Happenings. “Us racers are smart people. We know what goes into these lifts, and how much it costs. It’s almost offensive to charge anything else, but the honest price. You know, I’m only making a buck fifty on them. I made all my jigs myself… I just took what I know and applied it.” Hubble concluded.

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In addition to his lifts, Hubble is also producing products for those looking for an even more realistic experience on iRacing. Last week Hubbco announced the sale of the Hubbco iRacing Quick Disconnect Hub. This device is manufactured to bolt onto all Logitech and Thrustmaster racing wheels - its purpose is to allow the use of a real quick release racecar steering wheel on the simulation rig. The product, which was ordered over 50 times in a two day period, will now be the source of some much needed assistance to a Grand Rapids food bank.

“Starting tonight (Monday) even, I’d like to do 20% of all the profits (from Hub Sales) are going to go to a food bank in Grand Rapids. I feel like any business is not sustainable if you don’t help out others. So that’s what we’re going to do,” Hubble broke the news during Monday’s episode of Horsepower Happenings. “It’s something that we need to do. Hopefully other companies can [follow] suite, and do something to help and serve up. It’s what we do,” Hubble expressed.

Later on the Hubbco Facebook page, Hubbell announced that the proceeds would benefit SECOM Resource Center in Grand Rapids. The donations will run through the end of the month of April. Racers can purchase the Hubbco Hub by contacting Hubbell through his Facebook page, by clicking here.

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Story by - Zach Hiser, Motor City Racing Promotions

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