Fighting the Blaze

MCRP Safety Team Credits Training & FireAde as Essentials to Successful Response

Sterling Heights, MI (Thursday, June 4, 2020) – Up to lap 39 of the ARCA/CRA Super Series race on Saturday, May 30th from Lebanon I-44 Speedway, the Motor City Racing Promotions (MCRP) Safety Team had seen little action on the course of a night that included 300 laps of racing. On lap 40, Augie Grill and his 112 Super Late Model changed all of that in the blink of an eye, and suddenly hours of training and preparation were about to be put into action, and the clock was ticking.

Going into the third turn, Grill’s car began to show signs of a fire, including smoke and a glow from beneath the hood. By the time Grill exited the fourth turn onto the main straightaway, it was clear the 112 car was on fire – and when the car came to a stop, the entire front clip was engulfed in flames. Before the car was stopped, over 70 combined years worth of motorsports officiating was rolling to the scene with one goal: stop the blaze.

MCRP Safety Team leader Jake Steele recounts the incident as he saw it unfold.

“As he went into turn three, I had already yelled ‘fire’ to the guys in the truck, and we started getting ready to roll”, Steele explained.

Their preparations seemed to help save precious time as well; despite the car stopping opposite of Safety One’s staging area, the crew arrived on scene in just 14 seconds to begin knocking down the flames. By the 37 second mark of the incident, the fire was extinguished and preparations were beginning to haul the car away.

The damage to Grill’s machine was kept to a minimum thanks in part to the quick actions of the SFI Certified Safety Team and the use of the fire suppression product FireAde. MCRP Safety Team member, Terry Kizer, who rode co-pilot on Safety One, credits FireAde for the quick work of the flames.

“The use of FireAde made the extinguishment a much easier task than just a plain water cannon or foam,” explained Kizer, who brings over 30 years of experience to the MCRP

Team. “The entire fire was out in seconds with one water cannon prepared with FireAde,” said Kizer.

Safety Team members and drivers alike are showing support of FireAde thanks to more than just the products ability to quickly extinguish flames. Steele explains how FireAde is saving driver’s equipment in ways that conventional ‘dry chem’ extinguishers cannot.

“Not only does FireAde extinguish the fire faster than any other product I’ve ever seen, but it also is the best product we could use from a race team standpoint,” said Steele. “If [we] had pulled dry-chem [extinguishers] it would cause corrosion throughout the engine compartment,” concluded Steele.

Thanks to the quick work of the MCRP Safety Team, a driver walked away unharmed, a racecar was mostly saved, and fans saw a minimal delay in the program. The red flag was lifted in just over four-minutes-and-thirty-seconds from the time the caution was thrown.

“The crew performed exactly how we have practiced,” remarked Steele. “To have a fire of that size and have [the car] in the pits in less than four minutes later is a good response,” finished Steele.

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