Bergakker feat. Guest on Horsepower Happenings

Rochester Hills, MI - Another huge weekend of racing is in the books for the Michigan region, and Zach Hiser and Rich Frantz are ready to break it down for you tonight at 9pm on Horsepower Happenings.

Jason Blonde ran with the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints on Friday night, and the Lane Automotive Sprints on Dirt on Saturday night. He'll talk about the fun or racing two different race cars on two different nights. Plus, post race interviews from Bobby Santos III, and Kody Swanson. Also from the weekend, hear from Craig Everage who found his way to the largest victory of his career at Kalamazoo Speedway before coming up just short Saturday at Flat Rock Speedway. The big winner of the weekend, was Brian Bergakker, who went to victory lane during the Stan Yee Memorial 150. Zach and Rich will talk with him on the win and so much more.

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