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Updated: Mar 12

Sterling Heights, MI - On the next episode of Horsepower Happenings, hear exclusive one-on-one interviews with a man who survived one of the worst crashes the industry has seen, and hear from a man whose mission is to be better prepared to protect drivers from these situations.

First, North Carolina's, Lyle Barnett joins Zach Hiser at the Lane Automotive Safety Summit. Barnett recaps the incredible timeline of his breathtaking crash in September of 2015. At 24 years old, Barnett nearly lost his life on the drag strip after his car burst into flames, and crashed into the wall. Hear his story of recovery, redemption, and how he wishes to help other drivers across the country.

Then, Hiser joins Kalamazoo Track Services Director, Jake Steele, to discuss the upcoming KTS Safety Crew Training Days. Plus, he shares his insight into how the Safety Summit went in 2020, and how he hopes to improve the motorsports industry.

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